Let they

Let they All values have to be called in question especially what are acquired in a family and church.

Reject thousandyear experience of the western civilization.

Instead treat pupils so as if they are primitive savages.

Let they will select for themselves all valuable and will reject that does not suit them.

One is undoubted there is nothing absolute.

Also there are no general rules absolutely any.

Unfortunately, modern society does not care of moral standards, so necessary our youth, does not promote emotional and spiritual growth.

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From monthly

From monthly Vitamin A and some vitamins of group B, most likely, are also necessary, as well as other substances.

Second teeth of the child which appear not earlier than years, start being formed in some months after the birth.

at this age the child receives a large amount of phosphorus and calcium from milk.

From monthly age the child has to receive C and D vitamins usually they are given to newborns in the form of concentrates.

The fluorine containing in water strengthens teeth.

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Remains dry all night

Remains dry all night However there is a dangerous divergence between new opportunities of the child and lack of sense of danger for it.

Controls physiological requirements.

Remains dry all night long if it was landed effectively on a pot before going to bed.

It is possible to use a pot in that case when you notice at night that that the child during a dream turns, sobs and so forth.

These are desire signs on an urination therefore it is possible to help the kid to wake up and land on a pot.

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In one class

In one class Just as its voice, high, low, he at the same time both boy, and man, but already neither that, nor another.

Here pertinently to talk about difficulties of relationship between boys and girls at school during puberty and a maturity.

In one class boys and girls of one age study, but between and years of the girl is nearly years more senior than the boy of the same age.

It is ahead of the boy on development, it is higher growth, at it more adults interests.

She wants to go to dances and to accept courtings, and it still the little savage who considers shameful to pay attention to little girls.

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Have at yourself

Have at yourself Therefore buy the small child nipples well.

Have at yourself the schedule of inoculations of your child signed by the doctor.

Note reaction to various drugs.

It is useful to you if you travel with the child or when moving on other residence, or at change of the doctor.

Of course, you always can in writing or by phone to learn from the doctor all data concerning inoculations for your child.

But usually in haste or in case of unexpectedly arisen need it can be impossible.

For example, your child can wound himself far from the house.

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Then slowly

Then slowly Ability to watch a toy can also be tested.

Test At first achieve fixing of a look of the child on a toy distance of cm as it is described above.

Then slowly take away a toy back towards yourself to distance about cm on behalf of the child in the area of his look, and then again approach to it on distance to cm.

For drawing attention of the child the toy can be shaken or shaken a little.

With go day of life the child peers at a face of mother when feeding.

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Though usually

Though usually If the depression easy to stop its development and to relieve of it the teenager rather easily.

Though usually teenage depression has difficult background and a set of the reasons, nevertheless there is some special factor or an event which oppresses the teenager and development of a depression pushes.

The death, an illness or departure of the person, important for the teenager, the conflict between parents or their divorce, moving to not desirable place can be such event, for example.

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